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5 things to do on your lunch break

Make the most of your lunch hour in London

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Whether you're in the office full-time or looking to make the most of your office days, use our ideas to enhance your lunch break...

Some of you might work in central London - or visit for a meeting or two. We’re here to help you make the most of your time, so read on for the best ways to spend your lunch hour in the West End.

1. Pick up a new novel

Browsing for a book is a lovely way to spend your break. Our favourite literary haunts are The London Library, Waterstones, Liberty London and Hatchards.

2. Spot the St James’s Park pelicans

Nearby St James’s Park is home to a pod of pelicans - spotting their bright beaks and soaking up the sunshine is a great way to disconnect and return refreshed.

3. Book a wellbeing session

Get energised and draw on the expertise of wellness gurus who call our neighbourhood home. Choose from a class in Psycle, Coach London, Third Space, or a treatment at Hotel Cafe Royal’s Akasha Spa, Glow Bar or Sofitel St James’s SO Spa

4. Coffee pit-stop

You’re spoilt for choice as the coffee culture in the St James's neighbourhood is ever-evolving. Grab a coffee from Danish bakery Ole & Steen or simmer down for a well-mannered coffee from The Gentlemen Baristas. New to the scene, we have coffee serving a purpose from Redemption Roasters and a sophiticated yet charming coffee station at Compane. Truly a coffee connoisseur's dream trail.

5. Browse the boutiques

Nipping out to the shops is an ideal way to spend your lunch hour. Entering a busy wedding season? Pick out your wedding guest outfit or find a present with the help of friendly (and stylish!) staff in our flagship brands and unique boutiques.

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