How to…. create a Dukes Bar Vesper martini at home | St James's London


How to…. create a Dukes Bar Vesper martini at home

Learn how to mix James Bond’s cocktail of choice

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Will your be shaken or stirred?

Sir Ian Fleming - the famed writer who brought James Bond to life - was often a regular at Dukes Bar in St James’s Place. His former watering hole has been known for its legendary martinis ever since, with many a fan making the pilgrimage to the hotel to discover the perfect iteration of Fleming’s favourite Vesper martini.

Dukes Bar Manager Alessandro Palazzi is on hand to share his expert advice, as well as revealing why he has chosen specific ingredients for this tipple - from Polish vodka in honour of a real-life World War II spy, to a proper London dry gin made by neighbouring Berry Bros. & Rudd.

Perfect this iconic drink and watch the master at work below.


- Splash of Angostura bitters

- Half a measure of Lillet Blanc Vermouth

- 20 ml Potocki (Polish vodka)

- 88 ml No. 3 Dry London Gin from Berry Bros. & Rudd

- Zest of an orange


- Before you begin, freeze your cocktail glass to ensure it’s extra cold. Once at a very cold, crisp temperature remove

- Add a dash of angostura bitters and swirl to coat the base of your glass

- Add a half measure of Lillet Blanc Vermouth (fridge cold)

- Add 20ml of Vodka – Dukes uses Potocki Polish Vodka

- Add 88ml of Gin – Dukes recommends No. 3 London Gin from Berry Bros. & Rudd

- Add the zest of an orange, and if you have a peeler handy, also peel a section to squeeze out some of the oil for added zest. If your glass is cold enough, the oil will slowly sink down as you sip, leaving you with the most delicious final drop

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