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Berry Brothers & Rudd Does Bourbon

The Texas Legation is a bourbon 130 years in the making.

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After declaring independence from Mexico, Texas was as the “Lone Star" state moniker suggests, an independent state. Between 1842 and 1845, its London embassy was located above Berry Brothers & Rudd (BBR), which was and still is a merchant of spirits and fine wines.

Although the tenants didn’t stay long – the Texas legation left after being absorbed by America – the legacy lingered. Today BBR celebrates this historic link with, correctly, a bourbon whiskey.

Today BBR celebrates this historic link with, correctly, a bourbon whiskey.

The Texas Legation is the fruit of a collaboration forged with Iroonroot Republic, a growing distillery located in Denison, just outside Dallas, a family business run brothers Robert and Jonathan Likarish. When they received the initial email approach from BBR, Jonathan recalls it being so surreal his first instinct was to assume it a hoax.

While this isn’t the Likarish brothers’ first rodeo, it’s not far off. After disbanding a career in law and engineering respectively, Robert and Jonathan founded a Ironroot. This was three years ago. Since then, their whiskey has won competitions and turned heads, notably those of the team at Berry Brother’s & Rudd, who were on the lookout for the right bourbon partner.

To distill in Texas, rather than the bourbon-saturated Kentucky or whiskey-soaked Tennessee, has its advantages. While it may not be entirely pleasant, the hot and humid climate in the Dallas region significantly speeds up the barrel-aging process. That’s why the Lickarish brothers have been able to make such an impact after such a short time. The result is an utterly fine whiskey with tasting notes of vanilla, honey and toffee on the nose with a lively and succulent palette and a moreish finish. 
What that means is, to those of us still finding our footing as whiskey connoisseurs, this is a fine whiskey and it goes down utterly well.