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Flagship of Buzz by poet Theresa Lola

Discover a poem inspired by, and dedicated to, St James’s & Regent Street

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Celebrate World Poetry Day and discover a new ode to central London. We commissioned award-winning poet, writer and Londoner Theresa Lola to craft a unique poem inspired by the essence of St James’s & Regent Street. Her poem journeys from art, to architecture, to al fresco feasting, and is a delightful homage to the spirit of London.

Entitled Flagship of Buzz, Theresa’s poem encapsulates the energy, history, and life that makes the centre of the capital city so special. Open to all, we will soon be welcoming visitors back again – but until you’re ready to return, we invite you to reconnect with Regent Street & St James’s through Theresa’s moving words below.

Theresa Lola: Flagship of Buzz

Flagship of Buzz

By Theresa Lola


buildings styled and suited in stone toast us in.

Feel the wink of the street, its bend curved

like a pelican’s neck.

These pavements were made for buoyant bodies.

Here, windows are screens looping scenes of desire.

An offering of food goes past quenching hunger,

It’s a spoon of surprise, a splash of sensation.

Seize the urge to catwalk into a new sparkling self

Wave the flagship of buzz rising inside you,

carry it through London, through Regent Street.

Clutch the dome of green wishes with your breath.

Toast back to the buildings, gaze at their roofs

adorned with details. Before you realise it,

the tail of hidden streets will stir you in. Keep going.

Sail to the south end, into more sublime scenes, into

St James’s, the hopeful host bearing handcrafted gifts.

Dive into the West End, a thrilling theatre of colours.

Even when these streets are stripped of an audience,

every day remains an occasion of beauty.

Being here is not just for a visit, it is an experience

crafted to suit each sway of your spirit.

If you enjoyed the poem, you can also read a Q&A with Theresa Lola here. Theresa discusses her inspiration and ideas – and what makes central London such a special place, as well as her hopes for the future.