Introducing Hi-tech Bike Outfitter Assos | St James's London


Introducing Hi-tech Bike Outfitter Assos

If it weren’t for Assos, professional cyclists would be doing the Tour-de-France in cotton shorts.

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Well - maybe. Assos, which hails from the beautiful mountainous Swiss canton Ticino, is the intersection of cycling and science. Each new garment takes up to five years to develop due to the rigorous R&D practices at their headquarters in Lugano. And in turn, they’ve blessed cyclists with a legion of outfitting that is both snug and aerodynamic, not least of all the lycra short, which was invented by Assos in 1976.

Across the two stories of their new flagship store in St James’s Market, bike bibs, jerseys, lightweight helmets and even a special Assos Swiss Army Knife are laid out with suitable Swiss precision. To the touch, each piece feels different from the usual spandex cycling gear, and that’s because it is. The fabrics produced by Assos are all entirely unique to the brand, engineered in-house for comfort, aerodynamics, durability, to alleviate muscle fatigue and to support the body on the bike.

Upstairs customers can shop collections from Assos partnerships with professional cycling groups like the rigorous Cape Epic mountain bike race in South Africa, one of the most difficult terrains in the world, and both the American and Swiss cycling teams. In their fitting room customers can test each garment on a stationery bike. And there, the pièce de résistance, the Goomah racing bike.

But as technical and professional as it may seem, Assos wants to dispel bike store elitism. The staff is enthusiastic and simply want to make the ride as enjoyable as possible – whether it’s for the morning commute or crossing the finish line.