Sleep well with these relaxing routines | St James's London


Sleep well with these relaxing routines

St James’s shops have all sorts of options to induce a sensational snooze.

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We all can do with a little help to get off to sleep every now and then. From comfy bedding to classy nightwear, bedtime reading to night-time pampering, discover our top tips for relaxing routines.

Remember, your mattress matters

When it comes to some shut-eye, a good mattress is essential – ViSpring has fine-tuned its mattresses, ensuring you’ll be sleeping soundly long before you need to call in any sheep to count. Take your pick from single-, double- or triple-sprung mattresses filled with soft Shetland wool or sought-after vicuña wool. Pair yours with one of its hand-upholstered divans for a classy look.

Sip on a cup of cocoa

A comforting cup of cocoa is a sure bet to send you off to the land of nod. Head to Whittard of Chelsea for numerous chocolatey creations, many of which are vegan-friendly. Options range from the classic 70% or 100% cocoa hot chocolate, to flavours such as salted caramel, sticky toffee pudding and banoffee pie. Those with less of a sweet tooth can instead pick up some loose-leaf tea, such as camomile with spiced apple.

Unwind with some bedtime reading

Ditch the phone and settle down to a bedtime book to ease you into a gentle slumber. Time-honoured Hatchards has all sorts of classic stories to enjoy, while you’re also guaranteed to find something different for every night among Waterstones’ eight miles of bookshelves. If you have kids, pick up some fairytales to transport them into magical lands, or hunt for timeless favourites such as Narnia and The Wind in the Willows.

Cause foamy FOMO with a relaxing bath

There’s nothing better than a late-night bath to wash away the day’s troubles. Make yours extra special with some decadent bath salts, soaps or oils.Browse D.R. Harris’s wide range, including the mellow Albany bath essence and lavender bath salts , while fellow heritage brand Truefitt & Hill includes lavender alongside rosemary, pine and lemon in its signature bath oil. Among its offering Floris’s best-selling Stephanotis bath essence will leave your skin soft for a snug night under the covers.

Give your skin a rest too…

Allow your skin a pre-bedtime cleanse or a whole night’s worth of pampering, ensuring it’s reinvigorated and refreshed when the morning alarm clock sounds. Aesop offers all sorts of possibilities, from facial cleansers and exfoliants to soothing masques, including the vitamin-enriched Sublime Replenishing Night Masque that hydrates the skin overnight.

Change into some comfy nightwear

Slide on some slippers, put on freshly ironed pyjamas, and reach for your eye mask to shut out the world... Pair some of New & Lingwood’s iconic slippers with artisan-crafted dressing gowns, silk pyjamas and eye masks for a stylish look; try Boggi’s pyjama t-shirt and pants for a more relaxed vibe; or enjoy eye-catching designs with Sirplus’s pyjamas crafted from excess material.

Fill your bedroom with sleep-inducing florals

Aside from making the bedroom look pretty, it’s been proven plants can improve our sleep – the scent of lavender helps us to relax, snake plants reduce toxins in the air, while peace lilies ensure the room’s humidity is at the right level. Venture to Bulbous, on Jermyn Street, to see what’s on offer.

Enjoy a pre-bedtime snack

Take the late-night snack of cookies to another level, as you nibble on some of Fortnum & Mason’s crumbly creations. Indulgent options include comforting heather, honey and lavender shortbread; stem ginger biscuits that will help to aid digestion; or classic chocolate pearl biscuits that pair perfectly with a glass of milk or cocoa.

Find more ways to stay mindful, fit and healthy with these wellbeing goals, and discover serene spaces to unwind. If you’re still looking for a good bedtime read, check out more top bookshops in the neighbourhood.