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Untold Stories… Luca Faloni’s Italian Artisans

Discover how Luca Faloni supports craftspeople

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For those in the know, Luca Faloni is well-loved for its exceptional Italian craftsmanship in producing stylish, polished apparel. Born and raised in Turin, only when Luca left Italy did he come to appreciate the excellence of the clothing and fabrics that he grew up around. While living abroad, Luca realised that there was a real opportunity to bring expert artisans together to create an Italian-rooted brand founded on excellent craftsmanship and style.

The idea for his fashion label was born – the foundations of which are unparalleled attention to detail and the very best materials underpinning each item that is produced.

With this clear vision in mind, Luca and the team began travelling throughout Italy to handpick the most experienced artisans. Their skills – from crafting fabrics to creating the finest products - bring his eponymous brand to life. From sourcing Cariaggi cashmere, brushed cotton from Grandi & Rubinelli, or full grain leather from Santa Croce, Luca Faloni has chosen this edit for you to enjoy. Every time you visit a Luca Faloni store (ours is in Princes Arcade) you can leave safe in the knowledge that quality will always come first.

Hear directly from one of Luca's very best artisans, who heads up the work in his mill, first founded in the 1930s by his grandfather:

The untold story of Luca Faloni's search for the best artisans in Italy

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