The Paper Aviary | St James's London


The Paper Aviary

Birdsong rings through the streets between Haymarket and Regent Street St James’s that make up St James’s Market – a new enclave of high-end restaurants.Follow the chirping and chirruping and you will come across a huge display of exotic birds in expansive glass cabinets – welcome to The Paper Aviary.

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This special public art installation at St James’s Market saw more than 100 multicoloured birds take up residence in its Pavilion.

This was the exhibition organised by The Crown Estate for its beautiful walnut and gold leaf pavilion by architectural mavericks Studio Weave.

Visitors witnessed 118 birds constructed in red, yellow, bright orange, light blue and pale green paper and decorated with patterns – each inspired by a different St James’s and Jermyn Street craftsman.

The Paper Aviary was inspired by the original 1600s birdcage in St James’s Park (and the original source of the name Birdcage Walk) that was filled with Sulawesi hanging parrots, lorikeets and even huge cassowaries collected by the East India Company and gifted to King Charles II.

The concept was created by design studio dn&co – who also thought up the debut exhibition The Handsome Butcher of St James’s – in collaboration with Guardabosques and 2MZ, and made from G . F Smith Colorplan paper.