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Lumiere London Festival

The streets of St James’s were awash with colour as the Lumiere London light festival returned to London for its second year.

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Lumiere London light festival returned to London for its second year.

St James’s hosted a series of the enchanting light installations, including Turner prize nominee Tracey Emin’s ‘Be Faithful to Your Dreams’ at St James’s Church and Artist Stéphane Masson’s ‘Supercube’ in St James’s Market, an interactive sculpture formed from glowing Kilner jars containing miniature wonders.

Featuring Tracey Emin’s ‘Be Faithful to Your Dreams’ at St James’s Church

The chilly January nights made the perfect backdrop for the Lumiere London light installations. For those wanting to refuel and warm up, St James’s Market restaurants were the perfect place. With people indulging in Aquavit’s cosy Nordic fare and Japanese set menus.

Other light installations included:

Harmonic Portal by Chris Plant (UK), St James’s Church, Jermyn Street

Harmonic Portal, Chris Plant. Installation view, Lumiere Durham 2017. Photo © Matthew Andrews. Courtesy of Artichoke and the artists.

A soothing meditation connecting colour, sound, light and texture through a new work that seeks to piece together our fragmented world.

My Light is Your Light by Alaa Minawi, (Palestine/Lebanon), St James's Churchyard (viewed from Church Place)

My Light is Your Light, Alaa Minawi. Courtesy of Artichoke and the artists.

This installation pays tribute to Syrian refugees and the terrible conditions they have experienced in their migrations across the world. The work was realised after Alaa Minawi worked for three years as an interpreter for Syrian, Iraqi, Sudanese and Somali refugees. Also see Suspended, an installation artwork by Arabella Dorman inside St James's Church Piccadilly.

Spectral by Katarzyna Malejka & Joachim Sługocki (Poland), St James’s Square

A colourful cord construction, which is illuminated by night to create a striking spectacle, Spectral is a powerfully poetic installation where natural and constructed elements combine.

Reflektor by Studio Roso (UK/Denmark), St James’s Market

Fusing architecture, art and design, Studio Roso make work that radiates the ephemeral nature of our environment. Reflektor’s fractured surface disturbs light, casting intriguing patterns of light and shadow onto surrounding buildings and streets below.

Love Motion by Rhys Coren (UK), Royal Academy of Arts Courtyard, Piccadilly

The iconic art institution on Piccadilly became the canvas for a brand new installation specially commissioned in partnership with the Royal Academy of Arts and created by postgraduate student Rhys Coren. Inspired by the flowing lyrical movements of Matisse’s dancing figures, Coren has created an animation of two intricately paper-cut figures who will dance elegantly across the building’s stone facade. Accompanied by a moving original soundtrack Love Motion presents a joyful burst of simple pleasure on a winter's night.