SCULLY in St James’s Market | St James's London


SCULLY in St James’s Market

Go on a taste exploration at One of a Kind SCULLY, the latest edition St James’s Market.

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Exploring the world through food is easily achieved at SCULLY, thanks to Ramael Scully’s heritage. The dining experience draws on inspirations from the chef’s childhood home in Malaysia to the kitchens in Sydney where he trained, to his travels in the Middle East, Russia and Europe.

Upon entering you’re struck by beautiful visuals from vibrantly coloured jars of pickles to shrubs, which form not only an extension of Scully’s larder but also the foundation of his exquisite menu. This exquisite menu includes must try dishes such as; Baby Beetroot Jerky, Green Cardamom Cream and Puffed Beef Tendons, Kilpatrick and Oyster Mayo.

If the food wasn’t enough of a reason to go, Scully’s open kitchen allows patrons the chance to watch as their food is being masterfully constructed. Making it a visually exciting dining experience from the kitchen to the plate.

Visit St James’s Market and try Scully’s passionate, creative and transnational cuisine. Bookings will be taken for the restaurant and they also accept walk-ins.