A scent masterclass with Floris | St James's London


A scent masterclass with Floris

An exploration into the world of perfumery with fragrance specialists, Floris.

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Learn how to pick the perfect scent with master perfumers, Floris

Come with us on a scent journey inside Floris at 89 Jermyn Street and discover top tips from its master perfumers on how to choose and craft signature scents.

Founded in 1730, this family-run business is still managed by descendants of its founder Juan Famenias Floris. Earning its first Royal Warrant in 1820, Floris’ impressive list of customers ranges from historic and modern members of the Royal Family to celebrated figures like Florence Nightingale, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, David Bowie and Winston Churchill. Whether you’re choosing from its elegant collections or designing your own bespoke fragrance, let Floris’ experts guide you into creating new scent memories.

We all have scent memories which enrich big and small moments from our lives or evoke treasured memories of loved ones. A signature scent can act as an extension of your personality so follow these simple tips, tricks, and sniffs of the perfumery trade to craft your own.

Scent-sational tips from Floris’ experts

1. Leave your expectations at the door. You might be surprised by what you like - your signature scent could be something unexpected or an aroma you’ve disliked previously. Start with a clean palette and don’t hurry your selection.

2. Always smell a fragrance on a paper blotter first instead of on the lid of the perfume. This can help you to identify the top, middle and base notes and appreciate the full bouquet.

3. Just as you would with your wardrobe, match your fragrance to your mood or your activity. Apply fresher fragrances in the day and deeper fragrances at night.

4. For longer lasting and enhanced fragrance, spritz your perfume into your hair or apply after a shower or after using a fragrance-free moisturiser. The moisture creates a great base to trap the fragrance.

5. Don’t worry if you can’t smell your fragrance through the day. Your nose gets used to the scent you’re wearing but others will still enjoy the effect of your fragrance.

Craft a personal fragrance

Walk to the back of Floris’ atelier and step inside one of the greatest perfumery chambers in the country. Take a seat for a bespoke fragrance experience with your perfumer, surrounded by artefacts from over 300 years, including ledger books and records, archived perfume bottles and Floris’ classic fragrances.

Sample a range of essential oils and scents, discussing your favourites with your perfumer who will build your bespoke scent and use specialist techniques to create your scent soulmate.

After your hand-blended formula has been sealed in a pristine Floris glass bottle, you can add more personal touches with engraving and the creation of a unique name for your perfume. All personalised eau de parfums are registered and archived within Floris’ ledgers, for you and any future generations to order. We asked the fragrance experts and one of their favourite names over recent years was from a man who called his fragrance “Like a troll” – certainly a name for the books.