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Best hot chocolates of St James’s

Browse our list of uplifting cups of cocoa’s that will brave you through the winter blues.

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Get the ultimate chocolate hit with our roundup of the best hot chocolates in central London.

Here’s where to start for your next cocoa crawl…

Sweet sippable treats from Venchi

Using only the finest Italian ingredients, Venchi serves a delectable dessert in a cup with its Italian hot chocolate. Why not take home the indulgence and recreate the rich, decadent chocolatey blend by taking a tin home?

Flavours galore at Gentlemen Baristas

If flavour is what you’re after, pick from three of Gentlemen Barista’s cosy seasonal flavours like red velvet, orange chocolate or a mint-infused hot cocoa - all concoctions guaranteed to warm your heart.

Creamy cups of goodness at Fortnum & Mason

Every day is a hot chocolate day at Fortnum & Mason. Visit ‘The Parlour’ for all manner of sweets and indulge with a lavish treat. Choose from a traditional “Fortnum’s hot chocolate’ or opt for the milk, dark or salted caramel kind instead, either way, you’ll be served a hot chocolate that more than lives up to its name.

Zesty indulgence at Redemption Roasters

If you’re looking to kick-up your hot chocolate game up a notch, this is the place to go. Choose from dark, milk or orange hot chocolate, topped off with all trimmings of cream and marshmallows, perfect for cuddling up to.

Delectable drinking delights from Prestat

If you prefer to make your hot chocolate at home, lull yourself into cosy comfort with Prestat’s “Heavenly Flakes” of milk & dark chocolate. Glow up your hot chocolate with a topping of whipped cream and marshmallows - making them irresistible magical elixirs, that will keep you coming back for more.

For more dreamy hot chocolates, visit:

Ole & Steen


Rose Bakery

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