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Take a Peek at Our Programme of One of a Kind Masterclasses

St James’s London has a reputation for culture and craftsmanship, and you’ll find both combined in our exclusive programme of One of a Kind Masterclasses, where local experts impart their knowledge and skills.

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Extraordinary people require exceptional spaces…

St James’s London is the kind of place you can find unique designers nestled next to quirky independents, contemporary fine dining next to traditional craftsmen, and just like the wide ranging array of establishments, the locals display a multitude of interests. The craftsmen and women of the area are known for their rare and wonderful talents, and their expertise is often world renowned. We wanted to give these experts an opportunity to share what they can do, which is why we started the St James’s One of a Kind Masterclasses, to pass on local knowledge and skills, and allow you to meet these exceptional locals face to face.

We run a programme of monthly masterclasses, utilising the talents of St James’s craftsmen, artists, chefs, sommeliers, and experts in their field. Previous classes have included sake tasting, a private tour of an art gallery, cheese and whiskey pairings, and oyster shucking, so whether you are hoping to develop a new skill, or simply wish to meet a master of their art, our programme is sure to have something to peak your interest.
Expand your horizons with a new opportunity each month, hosted by local experts. This autumn, keep an eye out for a masterclass on martinis at Dukes and peer into the world of diamonds with jewellery designers Vashi.

Go to stjameslondon.co.uk/events to stay up to date with all future masterclasses and book your place.