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The London Library celebrates 125 years of The Time Machine

Watch a theatrical version of the HG Wells masterpiece

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Fans of HG Wells, gather round. With 2020 marking the 125th anniversary of HG Wells’ masterpiece The Time Machine being published, The London Librarywill be paying homage to his sci-fi classic in a special way this spring. Indeed, Wells was a member of the extraordinary Library for over 50 years, making for a rather fitting tribute.

Nestled in St James’s Square, The London Library will be hosting a new production by Creation Theatre, where writer Jonathan Holloway has reimagined the sci-fi classic to new heights. Showcasing a world in which time has fragmented to the point that the present is endlessly shifting, rendering the future uncertain, it promises to be a unique and immersive theatrical experience. Holloway has created a surreal performance that draws on research from the Wellcome Centre for Ethics and Humanities, in order to truly challenge the audience and address ever-prescient issues about time and the very nature of human existence.

The London Library promises to be the perfect setting for this production, with the space inviting small groups to navigate through the performance. With this experience open to both members of the library and the general public, it offers you a brilliant chance to explore the extraordinary building whilst paying homage to a British literary classic.

The Time Machine will be available for booking from 29th February – 5thApril 2020. There will be four performances each night, starting from 19.00pm. Tickets start from £28.