Jigsaw's CEO on the St James’s Market Emporium | St James's London


Jigsaw's CEO on the St James’s Market Emporium

Jigsaw's CEO Peter Ruis on the Jigsaw emporium in St James's Market, the outfitter's most luxurious statement to date.

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The store is our most luxurious statement to date. We always attempt to deliver a unique point of view in every consumer space we create, we have a natural fear of the tyranny of the ‘concept roll out’ (dull corporate shop fits created in volume). We wanted to make use of the amazing ceiling height and built in a floating mezzanine layer to create a space for Jigsaw’s sister brand The Shop at Bluebird. The concept of joining our two brands together had already proved itself successful at our award-winning Duke Street Emporium in Mayfair, but we challenged ourselves further with this design.

It may break every rule in marketing but I want Jigsaw in LA, to feel completely different from Jigsaw in Cape Town, to feel completely different from every individual store we create in our home market. The St James’s Market Emporium had to have a luxurious feel without vulgar opulence or snobbery that afflicts too many brand flagships. It had to be a space that sucks you in, makes you feel you are invited to play a part within the brand. I hope we achieved it.

When we decided to open our second Emporium in London, we knew St James’s Market would be a natural home for our vision.

It’s located in an iconic part of London that is synonymous with British style, craftsmanship and luxury. In addition, it’s a truly landmark development blending the historic with the new to re-establish the area as a world-class retail and lifestyle destination.

St James’s Market creates huge opportunities for retailers and offers something different to other shopping destinations in the capital.  Despite our position, a few metres away from Piccadilly Circus, it feels like you are stepping away from the throng, taking a breath, and engaging on a different shopping mission. Personally, I can spend hours in our neighbours Assos; what is it about cycling that always pulls together the best in design and function? Brings out my inner super nerd!

It’s also somewhere the head office teams can come and explore too: we built a brand showroom into our store concept that gets the teams into central London. The cafés and restaurants are opening up at pace and the feel of the area is a real retail revolution. Its essence is of eclectic brands you may not have experienced yet or others that need re-assessment quickly. We feel at home already.