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How to... expertly shave a beard at home

Watch and master techniques from Truefitt & Hill

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Searching for the perfect shave? Achieving that barber-fresh look at home can be quite the task. Fortunately we’ve enlisted the help of the experts at Truefitt & Hill to share their tips and techniques on how to shave at home. A fresh shave can sometimes offer an instant lift to how you feel.

One of the world’s oldest barbershops, Truefitt & Hill on St James’s Street’s, has been providing grooming services, barber blades and shaving products in St James’s since 1805. Still innovative in it’s approach today, we can think of nowhere better for you to seek the most cutting-edge advice.

Watch their masters at work below:

#BehindOurDoors: How to achieve the perfect shave with Truefitt & Hill

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