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How To: Set Up Your Desk At Home

Declutter Your Desktop with Aspinal of London

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With working from home becoming the new normal for so many of us, it's nice to set up your desk for success. A tidy workspace is a tidy mind, after all. We've sought the expertise of the team at Aspinal of London, to share their top tips for the optimal work station. Located in the heart of London in St James's Market, they have helped guide many a businessperson on the best items for their working ways. You can discover their online edit here [link] which boasts an array of leather treats to make your desk a little more handsome, but before you do, read on below to discover simple, practical ways to keep yourself organised.

Maintain order in your study or at the office by curating your area

Add a pen pot to keep your pens neatly together, keep your papers sorted in a tidy tray, or sort your correspondence into a stationery rack.

Find ways to keep creativity close by

Whether it's a framed photo of your loved ones to channel inspiration, or a notepad to scribble ideas on, having a space where you can feel inspired is important regardless of your job role.

Be organised

Write lists and keep a track of your 'to-dos' - seeing what you have achieved each day or each week will offer a sense of accomplishment. It's important to stay focused and recognising the hard work that you do.

Add a personal stamp to your work

Whether it's for you or a gift for a colleague, Aspinal of London's letter writing set - with personalisation optional - has never fallen out of style. Now, more than ever, personal, tailored touches such as taking the time to write a letter are appreciated. It doesn't have to be work related, you could just send a kind word to a friend.

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