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Health Tips from anatomē’s Head Nutritionist

How To At Home: Strengthen Your Immune System

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Four ways to strengthen your immune system with anatomē

Princes Arcade-based apothecary anatomē St James’s is on hand to support your body and mind whilst you are at home. Their Head Nutritionist, Winder Ton, has shared his advice on boosting your immune system to support your health and keep colds at bay this season. We’ve captured his top tips below...

Eat more fruit and vegetables

Whether fresh or frozen, fruit and vegetables contain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components that are essential for our bodies to function effectively.

Sleep well

Sleep is vital to reset and restore all the functions of our body, and is particularly important when you feel stressed. My recommendation is to wind down before you go to bed: if you can, have a bath with salts or maybe have some tea. Just do something really relaxing and be quiet and still, so your brain can understand it’s the starting point of your sleeping process.


Exercising offers multiple benefits, not only for our physical body but also for our mental health. Exercising daily helps, especially if you’re feeling over-stressed and anxious. If you have a garden, take advantage of that to exercise, particularly when the weather is beautiful. If you don’t have outdoor space, a lot of well-known gyms in London such as Third Space, Equinox St James's and Barry’s Bootcamp are doing live daily sessions for exercise, mindfulness and yoga which you can do indoors. Don’t give up on your exercise just because you’re staying at home.


If you're not sure whether you're eating healthily enough, my recommendation is to take a multivitamin. Our body works as a network where everything is connected; taking a multivitamin helps to ensure your body is getting enough of all the essential vitamins and minerals to work properly. The second supplement that I strongly recommend is a multi-strain probiotic; there is a lot of research showing that most probiotics can increase or support your immune system to work better.

For any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact anatomē via their website or Instagram.

To nourish your mind as well as your body, we recommend trying a guided meditation, created especially for our neighbourhood - please find here. Or eat well with this simple sushi recipe from Heddon Street's Japanese restaurant Sakagura.

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