Piccadilly | St James's London


One of London’s premier shopping destinations, Piccadilly marks our northern boundary & provides an easy gateway into the arcades.

Chances are, if you haven’t been to Piccadilly you’ve seen it in films. Marking the northern boundary of St James’s, Piccadilly is host to world famous shops, galleries, restaurants, and a number of renowned hotels. Key landmarks include The Ritz, the home of BAFTA and Royal Academy of Arts.

Piccadilly also famously houses the stunning St James’s Church (designed and built by Christopher Wren) and the Royal Academy of Arts - established in 1768 to promote the creation and enjoyment of art through exhibitions, education and debate. The Royal Academy is renowned worldwide and is as culturally relevant today as it was over 250 years ago. Visitors can see exhibitions or simply drop in for a drink at the Keeper’s House, the Academy’s bar-café-restaurant space. It's a great spot to debate the most recent goings on in the art world.

A great spot to debate the most recent goings on in the art world.

Cichetti, Piccadilly
Swan Bar at Maison Assouline, Piccadilly

It is also the easiest way to access the arcades – Piccadilly and Princes – a treasure trove of independent boutiques and small high end shops. The Arcades are enclosed and the perfect browsing ground. Keep an eye out for unique spots like ‘St James’s Armoury’, a shop specialising in royal and military antiques.