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Get inspired in St James’s Market Pavilion

Browse works from contemporary Black artists in St James’s Market Pavilion

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Shine Your Light on talented Black artists…

Visit St James’s Market Pavilion from 20th January to discover thought-provoking prints from contemporary Black artists in Shine Your Light by Disrupt Space.

From hyperrealist oil paintings to street art, discover the work of these inspiring creators and enjoy an opportunity to purchase their art.

Lola Betiku

Lola Betiku is a Nigerian-British painter who explores the complex conversation around identity and representation. Her canvases, awash in vibrant acrylics, act as a visual diary exploring the shifting facets of femininity. Find limited edition giclee prints from her latest collection, The Median Outlaw Series, in St James’s Market Pavilion.

Nathan Bowen

Transforming neglected spaces across London and the world into his gallery, Nathan is a street artist best-known for his signature characters, 'The Demons'. Spreading positivity and the message that anyone can be an artist, his style is dynamic and unpredictable.

Damel Carayol

Born in The Gambia, Damel utilises oils and acrylic alongside collage with found materials, paper and fabric to explore new perspectives. His art seeks to spotlight and elevate marginalised voices while examining who we are as a collective.

Ibim Cookey

Ibim is a photorealistic pencil artist from the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. He refers to his style as 'AfroEmofusion', meaning 'Afro' 'Emotional' and 'Fusion' with his artworks capturing the character of Africans expressing everyday emotions and sociality. The contrast between his black and white graphite subjects and the colourful, patterned backgrounds which represent certain African fabrics are symbolic of the connection between culture and identity.

Elicia McKenzie

Elicia is a highly skilled expressionist artist specialising in oil paint, Indian ink and charcoal. Her original and commissioned pieces focus on capturing beauty, honouring icons, and highlighting the underrepresented in elite industries. Starting with a simple reference photo, her work explores a variety of emotions, capturing the intensity of human experiences.

Sovina Vernon-White

Drawn to using solid blocks of colour, Sovina is a self-taught London-based artist whose work serves as a commentary on historical events and current affairs. Sovina believes art is an important medium to record our lives and how those lives interact with each other.

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