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Mulled Wine According to Justerini & Brooks

Mulled wine is a deceiving beverage; its rich spices and heavenly aroma give the impression of being quite a difficult one to pull off – without ruining perfectly good wine.

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But as this recipe will show, it’s a relatively simple task, and the result is an absolute treat. A historic one from the retrospective book The Nine Ages of Justerini’s, this is a recipe for mulled claret.

La chaim!


1 quart of claret (we recommend Justerini’s 61 Reserve Claret)
1 sliced orange

12 lumps of sugar

6 cloves
1 pint of water

1 wineglass of Curaçao

1 wineglass of brandy

Grated nutmeg


Pour a quart of claret into a saucepan and add a sliced orange, 12 lumps of sugar and six cloves; bring these nearly to the boil.
Boil a pint of water and add to the mixture.
Add one wine glass of Curaçao and one of brandy, then pour into glasses and grate the nutmeg on top.

Et voilà!