How To... Create an Espresso Martini At Home | St James's London


How To... Create an Espresso Martini At Home

Discover an alternative use for your Smeg milk frother

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#BehindOurDoors: How to perfect an Espresso Martini with Smeg

Get ready for long summer evenings catching up with friends. Join us as we go behind the doors of Regent Street St James’s Smeg, to learn how to make a masterful cocktail.

Smeg is world renowned when it comes to innovation, but did you know its family roots date back to the 19th century? Today Smeg’s expertise still lie in the hands of the third generation of the Bertazzoni family, who’s knowledge and passion not only lie in designs that give us considerable kitchen envy, but also extends to creating their own delicacies on their cheese farm in the Italian countryside.

The culinary team at Smeg have invited us into one of its family secrets, having craftily found another use for the humble milk frother. Learn how to make an espresso martini using yours below:


1. Pour in a shot of espresso2. Pour in 1 TBSP of sugar syrup 3. Add a double measure of your favourite vodka 4. Add in 3 or so ice cubes to chill5. Add in a measure of coffee liqueur - Smeg owners can use the cap as a guide 6. Using the cold froth function, run for 10 seconds7. Once smooth, strain into a martini glass and enjoy, cheers.

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