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Putting the Bee in Bespoke

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Fortnum and Mason

We begin our journey at Fortnum and Mason. Home to many items including homemade honey. Where from you may ask? The roof, we would answer! The bees have inhabited the roof since 2008, they are maintained by a set of expert beekeepers and are the source of the company’s homemade London honey. The honey is made with flowers of the local area, literally providing a taste of London in more ways than one. It makes an excellent gift for those looking for something a little unusual and rare.

Maille Mustard Boutique

From honey bees to honey mustard, just down the road from Fortnum and Mason is Maille’s Mustard Boutique. Serving a selection of unusual and wonderful flavours - including ‘Hazelnut, Chanterelle Mushroom and White Wine Mustard’, and during truffle season, a selection of specialist truffle mustards - the boutique treats the condiment with the deference it deserves. Jars line the walls almost like a perfumery, and the boutique’s special edition mustards are pumped by hand, giving this place aprovençal charm. For those planning a dinner party, Maille’s mustard sommeliers offer one-on-one sessions, offering tips for hosting the perfect dinner party and advice on ideal pairings.

Bespoke services like this one are one of the area’s calling cards, and if you like your outfits equally as bespoke then Jermyn Street should be your next port of call.

Emma Willis

It is said that if a gentleman started at one end of Jermyn street and shopped until the other, they would be perfectly attired. As the original home of menswear, Jermyn Street still maintains a reputation for excellence. Several of Jermyn Street’s independent boutiques offer a bespoke service, including shirtmakers Emma Willis, whose gentlemen’s shirts are all hand-made in England. The shop is famous for creating shirts so exquisite that James Bond himself, Daniel Craig, is a loyal customer, so you know you’re getting the best of British design when you shop here.

John Lobb Bootmaker

Speaking of Bond, John Lobb Bootmaker – shoe maker to the stars - is another popular choice when looking for the best in bespoke. The shop offers purely bespoke options for both ladies and gentlemen, and boasts clients like Fred Astaire, the Prince of Wales, and the Duke of Edinburgh, both of whose royal warrants are proudly displayed above the door. Described by Esquire Magazine as “The most beautiful shop in the world” the shop retains the splendour of a bygone age, and it is this that attracts its very contemporary clientele.

Bespoke Cycles

Many keen cyclists will already be aware that Jermyn Street is also home to Bespoke Cycles, an expert bike shop whose brand philosophy was built around fitting people to their bicycles. The company pride themselves on offering exceptional service to any cyclist, regardless of riding experience. Bikes are sold only after a full bike fit and each is ordered in specifically for the customer. Visit here for friendly expertise, and be inspired for your next adventure.

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