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Experience Something New in St James's

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We begin on the south side of the always lively Piccadilly. Anatomē should be one of the first shops you see when you approach the beautiful Princes Arcade. Step inside and discover wellness like you’ve never seen before. The calming interiors alone, do the job of making you feel thoroughly rejuvenated. The space is filled with mindful books, health supplements, evergreen plants, and their signature therapeutic elixir oils; to help with anything from sleep to even improving confidence. Have a wander around, it’s fascinating how in control of our wellness we can all be.


Now you’re feeling mindful, let’s take a lovely walk down to the next experience. After exiting Princes Arcade via Jermyn Street, stroll south past the tranquil St James’s Square, to The Mall. Here you’ll find the aptly named Institute of Contemporary Arts, which never fails to excite; from thought-provoking post-modern exhibitions to experimental film screenings and live talks. This is more than an art gallery, it’s an immersive experience all year round. Take a dive into its world of installations, moving image pieces and more. You’ll be thanking us in no time.

Imperial Treasure

Let’s head back up to Waterloo Place now for the latest addition to our international cuisine locations. Imperial Treasure might be new in the neighbourhood, but it’s certainly made its mark; not many Chinese restaurants can compare. Soak up its stunning interiors while experiencing its exquisite cuisine in true St James’s style. The restaurant’s bar is also fully stocked with a variety of sumptuous cocktails. While you’re here be sure to try one of our favourites, the ‘Hong Kong Blush’ - a non-alcoholic wonder. You’ll have to resist the temptation to have more than one though, that’s what our next stop’s for.

Pall Mall Fine Wines

For our last stop on this tour, we are going right around the corner and into the tucked away Royal Opera Arcade. The hidden cave-meets-colonnade atmosphere is simply breath-taking. Right in the middle of the arcade you’ll find Pall Mall Fine Wines, easily spotted from their relaxing terrace set-up. If you love wine, here you can discover a whole world of it. Their selection of over a hundred different wines come from all over the world; from places like Italy and France, to Chile, New Zealand and Lebanon. Explore for as long as you’d like in this one - there’s lots to discover in this incredible venue.

Of course there’s so much more to unearth in St James’s, this is just a great start. If you’re finished taking in all you’ve just experienced, Click here to explore all our other one of a kind gems.

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