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Clear-headed tipples in St James’s

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There’s a real buzz around intriguing alcohol-free drinks, as sophisticated new concoctions emerge, and bartenders get serious about the art of non-alcoholic mixology. We’ve selected six of St James’s best spots for mocktails so you could even take a sober sprint and try one for every day of the week - a clear head in the morning is guaranteed.

Fruity creations, at Imperial Treasure

This world-class Chinese restaurant has a sizeable list of suitably ornate non-alcoholic drinks to try. Opt for Imperial Treasure’s Virgin Mandarin Mojito for an interesting fruity twist on the fresh mint classic, or go for the Hong Kong Blush, where raspberry, apple, lime and pineapple are set off by agave for a deliciously sweet tipple. If you are pushing the boat out and staying for dinner too, make sure to place your order for the restaurant’s famous Peking Duck in advance.

The soft hard stuff at Quaglino’s

The grand St James’s institution that is Quaglino’s,has an equally grand selection of non-alcoholic tipples. The Mountain Breeze takes Everleaf mountain and marries it with cucumber and mint cordial, elderflower, lemon juice and ginger ale – nearly convincing you that it contains a drop of the hard stuff. Meanwhile the slightly sweeter counterpart ‘The Tropic Dream’ contains Caleno light and zesty, pineapple and coriander cordial, passionfruit, and coconut syrup, topped with soda water to give you an intense fruity zing, transporting you to a dreamy tropical retreat.

Fantastical mixology at 45 Jermyn Street

Step inside the exquisite dining room of 45 Jermyn Street and choose from a selection of artfully curated non-alcoholic creations. We suggest its “ice cream floats” - amusing liquid fantasies from the 1950’s, now with a more refined, sharper edge. Sip the ‘Black Lemon’, concocted using blackcurrant & verbena puree, soda, lemon sorbet and finished with a dollop of vanilla ice cream that will keep you coming back for more. You can also enjoy one of its homemade syrups mixed in with its house blend acid and soda – a refreshing tipple maintaining the zero percent alcohol streak.

Inventive flavours at Farzi Café

This modern brasserie makes for an ideal spot for an (almost) guilt-free drink. Farzi Café’s tempting alternatives include the Chai Lychee, a sweet mixture of lychee, coconut, lime and sweet chai alongside a Mango Solero, bringing tropical aromas of passionfruit, vanilla, mango, lime, cream and berry syrup for a complex set of refreshing flavours. Settle down into this modern interpretation of Indian cuisine to enjoy its tasteful tipples.

Zero proofs at Ginza St James

Enjoy alcohol-free classic cocktails like an espresso martini or negroni with a Ginza twist. The star of the show for us was its Fun Fu mocktail. A bright mix of jasmine peach tea, lemon, soothing verbena and citrusy Salcombe Aegean Sky. With an exciting range of dining experiences on offer, book your table now.

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