An Open Air Journey Through St James's | St James's London
An Open Air Journey Through St James's

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Start your day right with a one of a kind breakfast at Boulestin; the restaurant inspired by the work of renowned French chef and restauranteur, Marcel Boulestin. Marcel authored many books that popularised French cuisine in the English-speaking world and he was also the world’s first TV chef, appearing on BBC between 1937 and 1939. The restaurant’s hidden courtyard is a magical outdoor space, perfect for an early morning meal.

St James’s Park

Why not take a post-breakfast stroll in the iconic St James’s Park? The beautiful 58 acres of land sits right in the heart of London and boasts picturesque views of both Buckingham Palace and House Guards. The park’s central lake is also home to numerous species of waterfowl not found in any other part of London. It is the perfect place for some relaxing fresh air and serene views.

St James's Church Courtyard: Piccadilly Market

No open air day would be complete without a visit to the vibrant Piccadilly Market in St James’s Church courtyard. The arts and crafts market is open every week from Wednesday to Saturday in the courtyard designed by the famed architect, Sir Christopher Wren. The items on display are especially unique with many regular traders travelling abroad to source their goods from as far afield as Tibet, India, Egypt and Africa.

St James’s Market

Discover multiple flagship stores and a world of unique flavours, in the hidden gem known as St James’s Market. Choose from its top quality range of restaurants for an unforgettable lunch or dinner. St James’s Market is also home to the Pavilion, a three-dimensional exhibition space with rotating displays, featuring exciting work and artefacts from around St James’s.

The Trafalgar St. James’s

Our last stop will be the rooftop at The Trafalgar St. James. This rooftop has arguably the best view of Trafalgar Square anyone can get without a helicopter. All of London’s skyline can also be seen from here, making this a full 360 viewing experience. Relax and take in the evening with a variety of individually crafted cocktails from the bar and of course, some photographs for the memories.

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