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A Chocolate Tour of St James’s

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Chocolate holds a very special place in our hearts. In this guide, we've melted together the best from across St James's to create the perfect one-of-a-kind outing for chocolate lovers in London. Let’s dive in.

Ole and Steen

We begin just around the corner from Piccadilly Circus in St James’s Market. It’s usually very difficult to choose one of the many Danish selections at Ole and Steen, but not today. Seat yourselves at a table on their elegant mezzanine and enjoy a tasty hot chocolate accompanied with a Chocolate Social – their handcrafted long pastry with marzipan, vanilla custard and chocolate; just perfect for sharing.


An amazing experience deserves a memorable souvenir, and we know just the one. Let’s head west now, across Regent Street St James’s and down Jermyn Street to Princes Arcade. You’ll find Prestat’s alluring shop nestled in the middle of the contemporary arcade. This chocolatier is a haven for chocolate lovers, you may have already heard about them from reading Roald Dahl’s ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. There’s so much to choose from, but you can’t go wrong with a Pink Marc de Champagne box of exquisite truffles. Save them for later though, we’re only just starting our chocolate odyssey.

Fortnum & Mason and The Parlour

We’ve tempted ourselves enough now, it’s time to indulge in something a bit more filling. A stone’s throw away on Piccadilly is the ever-iconic Fortnum & Mason building. Head through its gorgeous interiors and up to the first floor where you’ll find ‘The Parlour’. The pastel-coloured beauty is a paradise for anyone with a sweet-tooth: its plethora of ice-creams, cakes and sorbets are irresistible. We suggest having their chocolate and coconut sugar pancake for a taste that’s both delicious and exotic.

Can anyone visit Fortnum & Mason and not be bewitched by the sweet treats in the Food Hall? We won’t blame you if a quick pit-stop turns into a wider wander as there’s so much choice on offer here…

Maison Francois

Time for dessert. For the penultimate stop on our chocolate tour, exit onto Jermyn Street and walk down Duke Street to Maison Francois. This Parisian-inspired brasserie has exactly what you need to satisfy those chocolate cravings. Its chocolate éclair is a classic for a reason – pair it with an espresso and savour life’s simple pleasures. For a more indulgent option, try the sumptuous peanut chocolate truffles.

The Rooftop Bar

For our final stop, continue down Duke Street, turning left onto King Street. Cross peaceful St James’s Square and then east via Pall Mall until you get around to Spring Gardens. The Rooftop Bar at The Trafalgar St James’s isn’t only one of the best places to end an outing like this, it’s also home to their signature Chocolate and Cherry cocktail. So have a delectable chocolate tipple or two while taking in a view of London like no other.

We hope you enjoy your chocolate-filled adventure; share your top treats with us on Instagram or Twitter.

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