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4 Places You Need to Know About in St James’s

The illustrious area of St James’s is a haven for those who seek a wide array of fine foods, meticulously prepared cocktails, high-end fashion and the buzz that comes from any metropolitan city centre.

It’s scattered with renowned brands from various sectors and is certainly an area where you can revel in indulgences.

So where to start?

John Lobb

Every stylish male knows that what we wear on our feet plays an extremely important role in an outfit, and it’s an area where we should always seek quality and durability. The legendary shoe maker, John Lobb, is one of the London’s finest and certainly a place to become a regular if you’re looking for standout shoes.

Brogues or Oxfords?

No matter the style or material, quality is assured, as well as a service that instils confidence in the customer; These guys know what they’re talking about!


Since 1979 when Jeremy Hackett launched this brand, It’s produced sartorial products that are of the very highest quality. Yet, Hackett gives off the impression it’s been around for a generation or two longer, such is the prominence and timelessness of the brand.

Hackett typifies quintessential British style and is a brilliant go-to for classic shirts, statement ties and wonderfully fitted tailoring.

Carlo Anichini

Moving away from clothes and onto personal grooming, this is a cutting-edge barber who specialises in wet shaves and traditional scissor cuts. Those seeking classic looks on top would revel in the artistry that these barbers can achieve. As some have said previously, “if you let him have a go, you’ll come out a distinguished gentleman,” and we all want that don’t we?

Dukes Bar

In this modern day and age, there’s copious amounts of bars that possess a chic aesthetic and extensive cocktail list but those who seek that little something extra I.e. timeless surroundings and a knowledgeable bartender, head for a tipple at Dukes.

Just remember to dress up smart, as leisurewear and trainers are not allowed.

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