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Truefitt Talks: The Art of Evening Wear - Truefitt & Hill

Truefitt & Hill proudly present the 5th edition of Truefitt Talks, in collaboration with fellow Royal Warrant Holders and St. James neighbours, Benson & Clegg and Berry Bros & Rudd.

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With collectively over 600 years of experience, we invite you to learn from the very best in London, for an evening of gallant style and sophistication, this party season.

The Event - In a nutshell

How to choose the perfect dinner jacket for party season with Benson & Clegg, renown British Tailors.

Learn to shave with a cutthroat razor, from the Master Barbers of Truefitt & Hill - The Oldest Barbers in the World.

Mix the perfect Martini in a tasting and masterclass, with the oldest wine & spirit makers in London, Berry Bros & Rudd using their award winning gin, No.3


6PM: Welcome Drinks, Talk with Oliver Cross, Head Cutter at Benson & Clegg.

7PM: Shaving Master Class with Head Barber Michael Symeon Truefitt & Hill.

Martini Master with Jack Hanlon, Berry Bros & Rudd.

8PM: Opportuniy for complimentary shave with Truefitt's Master Barbers.

Shoe polishing tutorial with The Janntuy Flaneur.

9PM: Goody bags and Farwells.

The Event - The nitty gritty

THE TALK Oliver Cross, Head Cutter at Benson & Clegg has gained a reputation as one of tailoring’s most prolific talents, having dressed British royalty and international dignitaries throughout his distinguished career.

Cross was inspired to join the artisanal craft of tailoring from an early age, he later became one of Savile Row’s most distinguished and respected cutters, having spent time tailoring at Meyer & Mortimer under the watchful eye of his mentor, Savile Row’s Malcolm Plews. Having honed his craft, Cross then established himself as Head Cutter at Benson & Clegg.

For this talk, Cross will take an in-depth look at the traditional dinner suit and discussing the smoking jacket as an alternative form of eveningwear, while sharing his tips on how to add a splash of personality to what is the most formal of outfits.

Guests will also have the opportunity to perfect the elusive art of tying a bowtie.

BLADES OF GLORY In keeping with the theme of eveningwear this party season, Truefitt’s Master Barber Michael will educate guests on how to achieve that clean-cut look to complement a dinner jacket, with his legendary cutthroat shaving masterclass. This hands on ‘instruction experience' is best enjoyed by gentlemen eager to learn from the very best on how to use an open cutthroat razor.

Truefitt’s Master Barbers will ensure guests have the knowledge they need to put their best face forward. There will also be an opportunity to experience a treatment at the hand of these very experts, with compliments. With that in mind, we suggest guests arrived unshaven.

Gentlemen will leave the event feeling confident, refreshed, invigorated and ready to embark on a new shaving routine.

SHAKEN & STIRRED London’s oldest wine & spirit merchant, Berry Bros. & Rudd, has been a St James’s Street institution since 1668, more recently launching its exceptional No. 3 Gin in 2010, which takes its name from its famous address. Berry Brothers & Rudd will be taking guests through a Martini Experience with their No. 3 Gin.

In this special masterclass, host Jack Hanlon will be telling the story of how this award-winning spirit was born and taking guests through a series of tastings including how to perfect a classic martini, how to understand a neat spirit’s flavours and introducing a fresh take on a classic gin and tonic. No gin lover should miss this opportunity to learn from the best.

FROM HEAD TO TOE As ever Truefitt will be joined by The Jaunty Flaneur, shoe polish and patina artists of Mayfair and St James’s.