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International Women's Day Tour of St James's

Discover the story of the women who made history in St James’s

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This month we mark International Women’s Day, and what better way than putting yourself in the shoes of history-making women. Join Look Up London’s walking tour of St James’s and follow in the footsteps of historical heroines with an expert guide.

St James’s is home to women that will make you sit up and listen. The likes of entrepreneurial Emma Willis MBE, tailor and philanthropist, as well as the force of nature behind Café Murano Angela Hartnett. These women have built their businesses on the legacies of suffragettes, politicians, mathematicians, authors and actors who have all played a role in shaping St James’s to become the neighbourhood it is today.

It is the bold stories of these trailblazing women you’ll be treated. Discover more about how mathematician and computing pioneer Ada Lovelace - who lived and worked in St James’s Square- created the very first algorithm, take note of the statue of British nurse Florence Nightingale, and be inspired by where politician Nancy Astor, the first female Member of Parliament to take her seat in 1919, spent her time. Virginia Woolf admirers must look out for Hatchards bookshop on Piccadilly, where you may recall Mrs Dalloway whiling away her day.

The 90-minute walking tour will be leading you through history of a place that once played a role at the heart of the British patriarchal establishment but where female history is illustrious. Join Blue Badge Guide Anne Pollak, as she shares her knowledge and historical titbits as you meander through St James’s picturesque streets.

Tours will take place on Tuesday 3 March, 11am & Friday 6 March, 11am. The meeting point is Green Park tube station, park side exit (turn left as you exit the ticket barriers, staying on the lower ground level: your guide will be waiting inside). Find out more here