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An Evening of AI & Art at Christie’s Lates

Join an evening at Christie’s discussing the future of AI in art

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Christie’s is synonymous with the phenomenal, having spent hundreds of years refining its reputation for offering extraordinary art and unparalleled expertise. What you might not know, is that Christie’s also offers an enticing of complimentary events open to all, known as Christie’s Lates.

The next in the series is on the 9th March, from 6.00 – 8.30pm. Themed ‘Destination Innovation’, you’re invited to explore the thrilling role that artificial intelligence (AI) will have on the art world and the future.

Wander through the galleries after hours and discover eye-opening innovation in the art world, such as robot portraits, virtual galleries and holograms. Just a few of the special workshops include:

• Talk: Dark Factory portraits. Addressing questions such as “Can a machine paint?”, artists Rob and Nick Carter will discuss a new generation of portraits unmediated by the human mind and eye

• Talk: Smartech innovation pop-up. Smartech, known for its pop-up at Selfridge’s, will be sharing its exciting tech products including Rowrite, Meural, Drink Ripples, KinoMo, Artiris Parfum, Candy Mechanics, Gilettelabs. There will be a talk introducing the products by Aimee Gaudin, Smartech's Head of International Marketing too.

• Specialist talk: STIK. James Baskerville will be shining a spotlight on British street artist STIK, accompanied by examples from the forthcoming Prints & Multiples sale.

Once you’ve experienced all that AI has to offer, take a sneak peek at upcoming auctions including Prints & Multiples, Berkshire and Five Private Collections, and Australian Art.Sign up to be part of next generation art here