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Show In The Dark: An Evening of Arts and Culture

On 14th March, Regent Street and St James’s joined forces to debut 'Show In The Dark'; an evening of arts and culture that shone a light on an array of unique artists.

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On 14th March 2019, Regent Street and St James’s joined forces to debut Show In The Dark; an evening of arts and culture that shone a light on an array of unique artists.

Throughout the course of the evening, there was an impressive array of boutique independent stores, global flagship brands, galleries and restaurants throughout Regent Street and St James’s who opened their doors to up-and-coming creatives.

Programmed by international author and curator Lucy Johnston, the likes of moving literary performances, gifted musicians; celebrated contemporary artists; technological marvels; and other intimate shows popped up in venues across the area.

A breadth of creative experiences made this a night to remember. Read on to discover our highlights:

193 Piccadilly x City Academy Dance Company

The Commercial Dance Company is one of City Academy's premier resident dance companies – incorporating a mixture of styles from ‘Street Urban Foundations’, to more ‘Fierce Commercial Heels work’. The company brought their weekly rehearsals to a new converted space at 193 Piccadilly.

193 Piccadilly x Stanza - Binary Grafitti Club Choir

A vocal performance based around a series of statements, gathered from the public, that were translated into binary code. The series of 0's and 1's were an experiment to reduce fundamental statements to a pure form. The vocalisation of them brought renewed focus to the wants and needs of the people the information was gathered from. The Binary Graffiti Club performed at 193 Piccadilly exclusively.

Anthropologie x Print Club London

Anthropologie hosted Print Club London for free print workshops featuring designs by artist Jacqueline Colley.

Bottletop x Holotronica

Holotronica (the inventors of hologauze) came to Bottletop with their holographic screen technology. With previous clients such as Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Netflix, the installation brought the world's first 3D printed store to life.

Boulestin x Philippa Stanton

Author and Blogger, Philippa Stanton (@5ftinf) gave a sensory talk and relaxed discussion about her book, Conscious Creativity at Boulestin in St James's.

Cubitts x St James's Market Pavilion

A Cubitts craftsman hosted a discussion on how spectacles are constructed and visitors were likewise invited to try to create the perfect pair.

Gaucho x Cocoa Runners

Cocoa Runners paired their favourite chocolates with a selection of wines at Gaucho.

Jigsaw x Collage Club

Jigsaw hosted a very special evening of collaging where Collage Club took inspiration from the colours and prints in the latest Jigsaw collection.

Maje x Silkscreen Printing T-Shirt Personalisation

Maje hosted a live personalisation workshop event in their Regent Street store with a print offered for every purchase made throughout the event in partnership with Print Club London.

Next Big Thing at Showcase x Phil Davison

Internationally acclaimed London artist Phil Davison, known as 'The Hitchcock of Cross Stitch' presented a collection of his new pieces at Next Big Thing, situated at Showcase.

Norris’s x Night House

Following their successful European tour, Night House hosted an intimate show in Norris’s that mixed electronic, folk and orchestral sounds.

Princes Arcade x Alex Fine

Ballet and Portrait Photographer, Alex Fine showcased his work for one day in Princes Arcade. His artistic series of photos featured professional ballerinas on point in urban environments around the U.K. The showcase was his first exhibition in the UK.

Princes Arcade x Unfinished Animals/The September Issues

Unfinished Animals and The September Issues hosted a pop up exhibition entitled 'Power of the Femme' in Princes Arcade. ‘Power of the Femme’ was a collection of fresh and distinct female voices shown through meaningful work that reflected the diversity and power of global femininity. The art and photography on view was a radical exploration of activism, fashion, beauty, and the female gaze.

Smeg x Isaac Carew

Chef and author of cookbook 'The Dirty Dishes', Isaac Carew took over the Smegkitchen - where he cooked up a pasta feast and discussed his love of food.

St James's Market x Scala Orchestra

Scala Radio presented the Scala Collective; quality professional musicians who are shaking up the rigid, conventional ways people experience the performing arts through classical music.

T2 x Scala Presenters - Jack Pepper & Faye Treacy

T2 offered perfectly matched evening of tea and tunes - with a hosted talk by the broadcasters of Scala Radio, Jack Pepper and Faye Treacy.

TEN Pilates x Movement in the Dark

Ten's trademark classes took on a new form with a live cellist and harpist performing in the pilates and yoga classes respectively.

Tibits x Jar & Fern

Jar and Fern hosted a terrarium workshop at Tibits. Guests were taught the history of terrariums, how to care for them and the ideal plants to fill them with. They were then guided through creating their own terrariums which they got to take home with them. A main dish from the delicious Tibits menu was also served to guests.

Waterstones x Pete Souza

Waterstones offered visitors the rare opportunity to meet former Chief Official White House Photographer, Pete Souza, as he signed copies of his new book 'Shade: A Tale of Two Presidents', which tells the tale of the Obama and Trump administrations through a series of visual juxtapositions.

Waterstones x Stanza

Visitors had the chance to see 'The Reader' at Waterstones - a six foot data visualisation sculpture of the artist, Stanza, reading a book. The sculpture represented AI and machine learning and challenged all to think about a future were embedded chips in our bodies have access to the worlds information.

Show In The Dark was supported by Scala Radio and took place on 14th March at various locations across Regent Street and St James’s.

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