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Fortnum's Annual Christmas Wine Tasting '18

Get into the Christmas spirit or rather the Christmas wine, at Fortnum and Mason’s annual wine tasting event.

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Get into the Christmas spirit - or to be precise, the Christmas wine - at Fortnum and Mason’s annual wine tasting event in the Gallery Restaurant. Featuring no fewer than nine of Fortnum's producers from across the wine-growing map and with more than 40 fantastic bottles to sample, this event is the perfect opportunity to stock up for the season ahead.

Among the wines set to feature are Fortnum's new own label bottles of Marsala, Perricone and Grillo from Sicily, their award-winning Chianti, and some wonderful Burgundy and Bordeaux reaped from this year’s travels.

A wonderful array of pudding and fortified wines, designed to complement your Christmas puddings and mince pies, will also be available to try - including Fortnum's show-stopping sherries from Bodegas Tradicion.

Guests who purchase any 12-bottle case of wine will receive a 10% discount. Buyers of 18 bottles will receive a 10% discount plus the cost of their ticket refunded. Purchasers of 24 bottles or more will receive a 15% discount and one ticket refunded.

The event will be held on the 14th of November at 6.45pm. Tickets are £65 per person.